DIY SmartHome - Control Mains Sockets It's pretty easy to rule your SmartHome World with ledunia. In this example we demonstrate how to control Mains Sockets with a 433 MHz transmitter connected to ledunia. Ledunia will provide a simple HTTP website and also will response to simple HTTP-Requests. Perfect for your Smart Home integration. The 433mhz transmitter and receiver are pretty standard and can be purchased from ebay or amazon. What do you need: 1x Ledunia 1x 433mhz RF transmitter 1-x Mains Sockets We will share all software for this and any other of our projects once we have successfully finished our kickstarter campaign.

About Ledunia

Ledunia is a powerful WiFi enabled IoT development board with a full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller unit based on the mature of the ESP8266 technology.

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25 July 2017